GREEN TEA Radiant Skin Collection

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Packed with skin-repairing antioxidants, Green Tea is well known to protect our skin from free radicals and combat signs of aging. From the GREEN TEA Radiant Skin Set, it will detox, brighten, and replenish for all skin types.

[DETOX] Jasmine Green Tea Facial Steam is a radiance-boosting blend of jasmine tea and organic botanical hydrates + detox your skin. Adding hot water to this floral mixture will release its healing properties. The warmth opens up the pores to purge impurities and allows the benefits of the herbal blend to soften your skin. For best results, follow with our variety of tea masks.

[BRIGHTENS] Peppermint + Green Tea Mask is a gentle mask and perfect dull and uneven skin. The combination of green tea and peppermint balances skin tone and soften the appearance of blemishes. This superfood duo energizes dull skin and controls the secretion of excess skin oil to minimize clogged pores. Chamomile tones and promotes skin radiance and glow without harmful chemicals and parabens.

[REPLENISH] Goji + Green Tea Overnight Oil is the ULTIMATE nightly treat you can give your skin. A super blend of antioxidant powerhouses -- goji berry, green tea, and rosehip CO2, our Goji + Green Tea Overnight Oil is a concentrated nighttime nectar to hydrate and replenish for glowing, dewy skin. Not only are we 100% vegan, but this beauty also contains zero essential oil and fragrances.

Collection contains:
1 - 8oz Jasmine Green Tea Facial Steam
1 - 2.2 oz Peppermint + Green Tea Mask
1 - .5 oz Goji + Green Tea Overnight Oil

TIP: Add a few drops of Goji + Green Tea Overnight Oil into the Peppermint + Green Tea Mask mixture to transform into a nourishing mask.

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