About Us

Welcome to skin nourishment in its purest form.

Many leading skincare companies around the world encourage women and men to treat their skin with harsh synthetic ingredients that are overly processed and impossible to pronounce.

Here at Sélia & Co., we believe you and your skin deserve better.

Our skincare products are as pure as they come and use Mother Nature’s best resources to enhance your beauty and health without compromise.

Unlock the power of natural ingredients in their rawest form working together with the healing attributes of tea and clay for healthier, happier skin.

Sélia & Co. is brilliant in its simplicity: no harsh chemicals, artificial preservatives, parabens or sulfates — ever.

Founder Flora crafts all products by hand in small batches in a New York City studio, testing all products on herself and a diverse group of women and men with a variety of skin types.

+ 100% vegan & natural
+ Raw, all-natural plant ingredients—no harsh chemicals, artificial preservatives, parabens or sulfates
+ Handmade in small batches
+ Tested on a diverse group of men and women, but never on animals

+ 100% recyclable glass jars