Clarifying Skin Essentials

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Get balanced skin with the Clarifying Skin Essentials. Formulated for blemish prone skin types and those with uneven skin tones, this set is a must for daily clarifying and light hydration.

[BRIGHTENS] Peppermint + Green Tea Mask is a gentle mask and perfect dull and uneven skin. The combination of green tea and peppermint balances skin tone and soften the appearance of blemishes. This superfood duo energizes dull skin and controls the secretion of excess skin oil to minimize clogged pores. Chamomile tones and promotes skin radiance and glow without harmful chemicals and parabens.

[CLARIFY] Lime + White Tea Skin Tonic is an uplifting skin toner blended with lime, white tea, and a hint of mint to refresh and invigorate your skin. Aloe vera and witch hazel provides softening properties and lightly hydrate, while white tea helps protect your skin from free radicals. Tones skin after masking and before moisturizing.

Collection includes:
1 - 2.2 oz Peppermint + Green Tea Mask
1 - 2 oz Lime + White Tea Skin Tonic
1 - Mask Applicator Brush

TIP: Mix one tsp of Lime + White Tea Skin Tonic with one tsp of Peppermint + Green Tea Mask for added hydration and nourishment. Mix and apply with our Mask Applicator Brush.

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