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Peppermint and Green Tea Mask. Organic Face Clay Mask.
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[BRIGHTENS] Peppermint + Green Tea Mask

Brighten your skin with our Peppermint + Green Tea Mask. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and parabens and awaken your skin the natural way with organic peppermint and chamomile. Good for your skin and the world around you, our Japanese green tea matcha is always fair trade. Each of these all-natural ingredients are at their best when combined with white clay to rejuvenate your skin for a healthy glow.

Notice immediate results as peppermint awakens and brightens dull skin. Next, white clay continues naturally brightening while also softening skin, without the dehydrating effects of harsher chemicals.  Imported directly from Egypt, chamomile will soothe tired skin to increase your natural radiance and glow. Green tea matcha, rich in antioxidants, boosts your body’s ability to combat free radicals for truly healthy skin.

 2.2 oz glass jar



+ Natural ingredients ideal for all skin types

+ Lighten skin blemishes and dark spots for younger looking skin

+ Achieve a healthy glow and awaken skin with improved circulation

+ Repair skin and improve elasticity for toned skin



White Clay— naturally brightens and softens skin without the dehydrating effects of harsher chemicals

Green Tea Matcha*— a rich source of antioxidants proven to naturally combat
free radicals

Peppermint†—awakens and brightens dull skin immediately

Chamomile†— soothes tired skin to increase natural radiance and glow

* Organic, Fair Trade
† Organic



1. Wash your face with your favorite cleanser.
2. In a non-metal bowl, mix 1 1/2 tsp of clay with 1 tsp of water, aloe juice, or honey.
3. Apply evenly, avoiding your eyes, and leave on for 10-15 minutes.
4. Rinse thoroughly and moisturize skin for a healthy glow.

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