Go Beyond Water

And just what do I mean by 'go beyond water'? Well, listen up! Water is essential for mixing powdered clay masks into a paste before applying them to your skin. Fortunately, we can diversify and mix clay masks with other bases to boost nutrients and moisture.  Since not all skin is the same, you can personalize it as you like! 



Honey is fitting for virtually every skin type. It has natural antimicrobial properties to prevent bacterial build-up in your pores which can lead to breakouts, while also calming redness and skin irritation.

Honey is incredibly hydrating. A natural humectant which we've used in beauty products since the days of Cleopatra, honey draws moisture from the air to help your skin stay hydrated for hours and hours. It doesn't dry out your skin, so you can leave it on as long as you want. If you've been searching for the answer to the question “how do I keep my skin looking fresh, dewy, and moisturized,” the answer is honey.

Unfortunately, not all honey is the same. There are many types of honey on the market and many are highly processed, which strips away the goodness of its inherent natural antibacterial properties.  Yes – we're talking about the honey in that cute plastic bear. Raw honey is where the money is.  All the nutrients are intact and ready to nourish your skin.

Do some research before heading down to buy a jar of honey. Take that extra bit of time and you'll be golden! This will save you both time and a lot of money – no one wants to suffer through trial and error if it can be avoided! The best part? You'll know the quality of the product you're getting in return.



Aloe vera is an incredible plant with a huge scope of natural skin benefits. This skin superfood is famous for its healing and anti-aging properties and has been used for millennia. Aloe is ultra-rich in antioxidants like vitamins C, E, and beta carotene which work to improve skin elasticity and supercharge skin regeneration.  

Been out in the sun all day? Using aloe vera as a clay mask base can soothe burns and help and help speed up the healing process after experiencing sun damage. I personally love the feeling of using chilled aloe gel/juice for its added cooling benefits. Few other things are as refreshing when it's hot out! But it doesn't end there. As a natural astringent, aloe also tightens your pores and can reduce acne. 

If you use aloe vera gel, be sure to leave it on your face for at least 15 minutes. The gel will not dry out as quickly, so you can sit back and let all the nutrients soak in.



Plain yogurt as a mask base? You'd better believe it! Yogurt helps soothe out rough, dry skin and dissolves dead skin cells. Naturally. It's a rich source of lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) which helps with exfoliation without the same damage potential as harsh scrubs. It gently melts away pore clogging impurities, dirt, and oil which cause pimples and stubborn blackheads. Due to the mild level of acid, it also reduces skin discoloration and helps to even out your skin tone. Finally, you can kiss your post-pimple pigmentation goodbye! The best part? There's no burning sensation or redness. It's that gentle.

Yogurt is just so versatile. Depending on your skin type, you should consider using one of these listed yogurts based on your needs.  Keep in mind, depending on what you're looking to accomplish will affect the amount of time you leave the yogurt clay mask on your face. 

  • Anti-aging: Whole; 20-25 minutes
  • Acne-prone: Skim; 30 minutes  
  • Spots + Discoloration: Skim to Whole; 35-40 minutes

I hope you get a chance to try these bases to up your masking game! Everyday life is full of new adventures which can put a lot of stress on our skin.  Honey, aloe vera, and yogurt are all a great way to get that extra TLC your skin needs from time to time to keep your skin looking clear, beautiful, and glowy.  

We offer a range of tea-based powdered masks with ingredients packed with antioxidants and minerals. Check them out here. Plus they smell delish – please refrain from eating. =)

Lots of love,


Do you have a favorite mask base for your powdered masks? Let us know in the comments!


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